Popular Apartments for Cal Poly Students

This map depicts ten popular apartment complexes in the neighborhood adjacent to Cal Poly. I have selected what I believe are the top 5 to talk about below. These five are pointed out on the map as stars.

Top 5 Off-Campus Apartments for Cal Poly Students:

1. Campus Pointe (Pike) Apartments

These apartments are in fact, where I and my roommates are living next year. We could not be more excited about them, and I’ll tell you the reasons why. First of all, these apartments are probably a 2 minute walk to campus, as they are located directly behind the Health Center. Also, these units are basically brand new, and have only been lived in for about 2 or 3 years. Therefore, they are generally more updated with nice carpet, granite countertops, and newer furnishings and appliances. “Pike Apartments are probably the newest and most nicely done student apartments in SLO. The location is absolutely ideal and even though they are expensive, to me, the pros outweigh the cons,” Juli McCuaig commented on her future place of residence. There are two shared bedrooms upstairs each with their own bathroom, and one office-turned-bedroom downstairs with a bathroom. While these are all positives, they do not come without a cost. My roommates and I will be paying $4000 a month, plus utilities, so it will be over $800 per person for the 5 of us to live in. All the units are unfurnished which means we will have to purchase our own furniture as well as a washing machine and dryer. These are rather competitive to secure—my best advice would be persistence with the landlord to show your genuine interest.
Campus Pointe Landlord

2. Lee Arms Apartments

Lee Arms is a very popular apartment complex among greek students. This upcoming year, many girls in my sorority will be residing here. Generally, the landlords are more lenient toward girls living in these apartments, because, well, need I state the obvious? Lee Arms is a bit father from campus, but according to Jackie Frias, a second year Business major: “I can get to class right on time if I leave 10 minutes before the hour. So if I have class at 8 am, I’ll leave my apartment at 7:50 and I get there in perfect timing.” Lee Arms is an older apartment complex; however it does come furnished which can save students a lot of money. Most units are one level with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Although there are a few units with the two bedrooms upstairs, along with a bathroom. A second guest bath is downstairs on the main floor. The rent is around $720 a month for four people in one unit. If you want to secure a unit, you must act quickly and apply around November, for the following fall.
Lee Arms Landlord

3. Carhill Condos

This complex is located on Foothill right before the intersection at California. Again, many greeks live here and often there are small parties in some of the units. If you go out on the weekends and enjoy the social scene, this could be the place for you. These units again have two shared bedrooms with one bathroom and the living space all on one level. These are also older condos but they are unfurnished so you will be able to purchase furniture of your choice. The Carhill Condos are all privately owned so in order to be able to live here, you must get in touch with a current resident. They should provide you with the contact information of their landlord. It also helps if the current resident gives you and your roommates a good recommendation so that the landlord knows you are a responsible group, worthy of living on their property. Prices for these units vary depending on who owns them; however they are less expensive than both Campus Pointe and Lee Arms.

4. Cal Park Apartments

This apartment complex is located on California, right next to Lee Arms and just about a quarter mile from Cal Poly. These apartments have two bedrooms and two bathrooms which is again perfect for four people to live in. These apartments are unfurnished so you will have to again purchase your own furniture. However, they do come with appliances and the cost of utilities is included in the monthly rent. For four people to live here, these units are $2300 a month. Cal Park is like the best of both worlds because you are still amongst a collegiate atmosphere, but there is less of the “party” scene here. Plus, they are very affordable and still in an ideal location.
Cal Park website

5. Mustang Village

Mustang Village is an off-campus apartment complex dedicated exclusively to students. If you want to live off-campus but are not willing to pay a high price, nor are interested in the often chaotic party scene, Mustang might just be the right fit. There are three different floor plans for residents to choose, so this allows some freedom for renters to choose what works best for them. Mustang Village also has great amenities that come when you live here. There is a community pool, gym, basketball court, TV lounge, and study room. Monthly rates range from about $799-$869. Visit the Mustang Village Website for more information on applying or contact the office for any further questions.
Mustang Village website


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